Regulatory Studies

Aviation policy can be complex at both the international and the domestic level.


ASA undertakes studies and provides consultancy advice to stakeholders on all aspects of airport, airline and ATM strategy.  This includes studies on future airport development and capacity, airline market development (eg open skies), airport environmental and economic impact etc in line with ICAO, EU and Civil Aviation Authority policy and regulations.

ASA undertakes studies and provides consultancy advice to Civil Aviation Authorities and to airport operators on the economic regulation of airports both in the UK and worldwide. These include advice relating to airport capacity and price controls, including capital investment, revenue and expenditure assessment.

Alan Stratford Airport Infrastructure Development

Illustrative projects

Determination of capacity at Dublin Airport

Alan Stratford and Associates are advising the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland on the capacity and slot coordination parameters for Dublin Airport...

Policy advice on future airport capacity in SE England

Advice to Kent County Council relating to both the short and the long-term options for new capacity in the UK as part of...

Dublin Airport – Commercial Revenue Assessment

As part of the assessment of future revenue under the single till principle, preparation of forecasts of commercial...

London Stansted Airport – Proposed Second Runway and Terminal Development

Appointed by the Competition Commission to provide advice on the air traffic forecasts, layout options...

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